Kanye West & Kim Kardashian holiday in Uganda’s Luxury resort, Murchison Falls Park. UGANDA

Amidst the controversies surrounding Kanye West’s visit to the oval office, that was received with backlash from the black community in the United States, Uganda, a small country in East Africa, with open arms welcomed Kanye West and his family for a week’s long holiday. If it’s not because everyone needs to get away from the craziness of their daily lives, then it could be that this gem in Africa must have been a dream waiting to come true for the West family. During an interview with TMZ, Kanye, re-branded to Ye, confirmed that he wants to come to Africa to finalize work on his 9th album. He needed to “feel the energy.”  He wants to record into a mic that’s in the middle of nature. And VOILA! He kept true to his word and ferried the whole clique, with Big Sean, his wife Kim Kardashian, their daughter North West and a crew of aide-es to include personal chefs, security and so forth, down to Uganda.

They landed at Entebbe International Airport on Friday 12th October and immediately chattered a chopper to the exclusive and luxurious Chobe Safari Lodge in the Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, landing at 6.30pm as the wild was retiring to bed. The Luxury resort was bought out by the West Family and sealed off to the public until the 19th October. No doubt, for someone who is coming on a holiday that doubles as a work-trip, certainly would not wish to be disturbed by the media and local fans who were already restless on social media waiting to have a glimpse of the American rapper and wife.

Chobe pool with main block1- night.jpg
Chobe Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park where the couple are staying

Ahead of his visit, Ye’s crew also contacted Swangz Avenue, a local media and recording house to work with him on this mission, and together they set up a super cool dome right in the heart of the wilderness! Possibilities are limitless when you can almost have control of half of an entire national game reserve.

Ye’s Dome set up in the wilderness. Photo Credit: Unknown.
Ye draping a Uganda Flag free styling in to the mic. Photo credit unknown

During their stay, they included a game-drive to go and marvel at the Big 4 and other wildlife, with their chopper, they were airlifted from Chobe airstrip to Pakuba airstrip (both located in the 3,800 square KM park) where they had half day land safari before retiring to Paraa Safari Lodge to catch the afternoon boat cruise along the world’s longest river, taking them to the base of the Murchison Falls, where the Nile is squeezed and squirted through an 8 meters crack that forms the powerful falls, falling 45 meters in to the devils cauldron. First gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, it is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area, hosting 76 species of mammals and 451 bird species.

Picture moment with his Ugandan Guide from Heritage Holiday Safaris. Photo Credit; Heritage Holiday Safaris
Paraa 2017-51.1
Aboard the African Queen, Bottom of the Murchison Falls. Picture by Marasa

We’d imagine the decision to visit Uganda wasn’t hard for the family; ranked as the friendliest country with the most hospitable people in the world, a very favorable climate experiencing at least 360 days of sunshine each year, with some of the best and wildest safari parks in the world, home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas, source of the longest River in the world (River Nile), bubbly cultures and beautiful landscapes, Uganda surely and truly was a sure place for the family’s ideal visit.


The family’s visit to Uganda surely was a much needed boost for the tourism industry. This was perfectly timed as the President HE Museveni, in his speech to the tourism promoters while passing out Park wardens & Rangers recently in Aug/Sep, had claimed that the promoters weren’t doing enough to promote Uganda’s natural attractions to counter her competitors next door; Rwanda and Kenya. A few months ago Rwanda hosted Popular TV Host Ellen DeGeneres and this created a positive buzz on Brand Rwanda, Kenya hosted US First Lady Melanie Trump, shortly after. Kanye West, Kim and Big Sean coming to Uganda was a good counter to save Brand Uganda. In between schedules the couple managed to fly to State House to meet HE Museveni and exchanged gifts and a few ides on how to harness tourism in Uganda.


Kim & Kanye exchange gifts with the President of Uganda HE. Museveni. 

So far, the family is excited about their stay, and are considering possibilities of extending it to as far as a month. We hope they will enjoy their stay and spread the good news of Uganda’s beauty with their digital communities.

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