The Country I want you to visit

What’s not to like about Uganda? To see the world you do not have to travel far away. I certainly am convinced that Uganda is one of the most beautiful places on Earth: I have lived here, and so I know, I have visited most if not the whole country, and I picked up experiences from other different countries to be able to come up with the conclusion that I so boldly express. It is Africa summarized in to one place, I mean how can a semi desert and snow capped mountain be in an area barely 93,065 mi²? Sprawling savannas and tropical rain forest exist in harmony? And mostly how do herdsmen and pygmies share one capital. Well I thought to myself, maybe I should tell somebody, who’ll tell somebody to tell somebody else about this place they call “The Pearl Of Africa.” This is the Uganda every Ugandan and resident in Uganda will tell you about, starting with me.

Aerial shot of Kyaninga Lodge in Western Uganda.

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